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You can help Wheels of Hope with wheelchair collection, wheelchair repairs and reconditioning, and wheelchair distribution

  • Often, we need to pick up donated wheechairs, walking aides (like collapsible walkers and rollators) and durable medical equipment (like much needed bedside commodes) before they are discarded. Volunteer to collect the mobility equipment from the individuals and businesses who are donating the wheelchairs, etc.
  • Become a part of our Canton, Ohio, warehouse sorting and inventory crew. Organize what is usable from the few things that need parted out or recycled, and move the equipment to designated areas.
  • Become a part of our Canton, Ohio, repair shop team. Rebuild and restore, or recycle used wheelchairs and walking aides. Use your mechanical skills for wheelchair repairs rebuilding equipment like new!
  • Become a part of our "on call" overseas container loading crews, to ship reconditioned wheelchairs and mobility equipment to our wheelchair distribution network of in-country partners.
  • Become a part of our Board of Directors. Those with a medical background, physical therapy expertise, marketing skills, governance ability and spiritual leadership are welcome to join our team to prayerfully and strategically evaluate and implement our wheelchair distribution mission.
  • Help connect with those serving in our distribution network to learn and report all the amazing stories of lives changed by the gift of a free wheelchair through our newsletters, social networks and our upcoming blog!
  • Everyone from retiree’s to youth groups can become a part of the blessing!

Contact our Operations Director: patrick@wheelsofhope.org

Please check out our blog and/or follow us on Facebook for the latest praise reports of what God is doing through Wheels of Hope and to discover our prayer needs.

 —Thank you!


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