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Our Mission

To raise the poor (with disabilities) from the dust and give them a place of physical dignity,
spiritual restoration and capability in Christ. —Psalm 113:7&8 | Phillippians 4:13 | Titus 3:4&5

Our vision

To establish wheelchair repair centers in developing nations as places of ongoing ministry to the disabled. We desire to train up persons with disabilites to repair and distribute the wheelchairs with help from local churches and charities.

In the past, we have worked to establish such centers in Honduras and Bolivia. From 2000 through the present, we have helped establish The Wheelchair Project in Chaing Mai, Thailand.

Our strategy

  1. Collect used and discarded durable medical equipment; wheelchairs, walkers, bedside commodes, canes, etc.
  2. Refurbish or recycle the medical equipment we receive.
  3. Distribute the refurbished equipment to the needy by collaborating with established agencies who share a similar statement of faith and equipping vision for the country, and will assess each person’s needs. Along with the equipment, we or the agency also provide home health care instruction and Christian ministry.
  4. Establish continuing ministry within the country through partnering agencies,
  5. or form an overseas chapter to set up a repair shop, preferably run by persons with disabilities. Help the local churches within the country grow in their outreach and ministry to the disabled.
  6. Educate Americans in churches and civic groups about the physical and spiritual condition of the disabled in developing nations throughout the world.
  7. Maintain accountability through local churches and membership with TECH (Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare)