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If you wish to provide shipping for the correct durable medical equipment for a person with a verified need, or if you are a verified person in need who lives in the developing world outside the USA:

Pleased be advised that any durable medical equipment can not be for use in the United States. All donations must be shipped overseas, this includes NO shipping for use in Canada, Western Europe, Austrailia, Japan, South Korea or other affluent nations or communities within the top 14% of global wealth.

Gapminder offers the best graphical insight into where the top 14% live, (drag your cursor over the bell shaped curve and specific nations will appear with each line).

You can also learn more about the standard of living that exists in the uppermost 14% that earn at least $32 a day. Bear in mind we only serve the other 86% that have not obtained this standard of living.

All equipment Wheels of Hope supplies is free of cost and should not be sold or charged for in any way. We have freely received the items, volunteers have freely reconditioned them, and we freely give them.

Sponsors are responsible for all financial costs of shipping, import or export duty fees, transport or other logistics within the US and the recipient's country.

We will attempt to supply the best shipping materials possible, a box or other protection while in transit.

Sponsors will need to fill out a request form and provide verifiable patient condition and need.

It would be preferred that a doctor or medical evaluation be sent with the application. Our application includes the patient measurement information for the size of wheelchair and need for foot support, so the best options can be provided.

Download the pdf wheelchair application form here Each form comes with mailing instructions.


If you wish to donate towards any shipping of durable medical equipment to a person with a verified need who lives in the developing world outside the USA

Please read the above guidelines for clarity. Then use our PayPal account:

Or mail a check with "For shipping" on your memo line to:

Wheels of Hope office
9800 Morges Dr.SE
Waynesburg, Ohio 44688

 —Thank you!


If you have a need or know someone with a need and s/he lives in the USA

The best way to find a source of durable medical equipment is to conduct an internet search for "medical loan closets" or "wheelchair loan closets" to find a loan closet near you or your friend or relative.






To raise the poor (with disabilities) from the dust and give them a place of physical dignity,
spiritual restoration and capability in Christ. —Psalm 113:7&8 | Phillippians 4:13 | Titus 3:4&5


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